Outdoor Games: Fun Things To Do At The Beach (& Backyard) With Kids

With warm and bright days here, many of us are excited to be spending more time outdoors with the family and friends. From lively outdoor activities in the backyard to fun things to do at the beach with kids, here are some awesome outdoor games ideas! 


Gardening for Kids

If you are looking for a fun way to teach your children about life and science, why not start a kid-friendly garden in your backyard! Buy a cute kids’ gardening tool kit, find some easy-growing seeds, and begin teaching your kids the basics of gardening.

It’s not only a wonderful skill for children to learn, but it’s also a great way to bond and have an activity that you can easily do together.


Tie-dye time!

Summer calls for a bit of tie-dye! It’s such a fun way to let your kids be creative and create something they’ll love and can wear all summer long. Find some old shirts or purchase plain white ones or even tie-dye socks, bandanas, etc.

Tie-dye can be messy so it’s best to do this outdoors. It’s easily one of the best fun things to do in your backyard!


Collect sea shells

What kid doesn’t love going to the beach to collect sea shells? Spend the afternoon wandering along the beach in search of the coolest seashells you can find. Bring them home and use them as decoration around the house or create little charms or jewelry with them. Kids will love this beach day activity!

Here’s another idea for the seashells. Make art on the beach! Use them to make abstract creations in the sand like butterflies, hearts, smiley faces, or whatever your child comes up with. Don’t forget to bring a sun umbrella when lounging in the sun!


Kids’ sand games

Get them feeling active and energetic with these things to do at the beach with kids. In the sand, draw games like hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and even pictionary. Just bring a drawing utensil like a stick to make it easy to play games at the beach.


Watch the clouds!

For a simple pleasure and a great way to teach your kids to appreciate the simple things in life, go cloud watching in your backyard or at the beach. It’s relaxing and peaceful, making it a great way to turn down the energy level if your kids are getting too rowdy.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to get into your child’s mind a bit more. Point at different clouds and compare and contrast what you think the clouds are making. Beyond that, you can also make it a fun way to talk about science and weather-related topics.


Tag, you’re it!

If you have more than one child or they have friends over, tag is one of the easiest backyard activities for kids. It can also easily be played at uncrowded beaches! Kids love to laugh, run, and play and that’s exactly what they’ll get with a game of tag!

Plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise, release some energy, and have fun! Parents are also welcome to join in on the game. 


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