16 Things to Do at Home with the Kids
Quarantine doesn’t have to be boring, especially for the kids. While we’re all stuck at home, there’s plenty of fun things to do as a family and ways to help keep restless kids entertained. Here’s what to do at home with kids.

Play hide and seek.

You probably loved it as a child, and your little ones probably do, too! Sohide around the house and have fun playing a few rounds of hide and seek.

Write letters to family and friends.

There’s so much thoughtfulness that comes from writing a handwritten letter. Teach your children the joy the of handwriting letters as you write to family and friends. 16 Things to Do at Home with the Kids

Commit an act of kindness.

We could all use a little extra loving right now and In A Perfect World has a beautiful idea for both kids and adults: Love Rocks! Find a smooth small rock, grab some paint, and write an inspiring message or work of art on it. Show love, be kind, and smile are just a few examples of kind messages you and your children could write. Help your children decide where they want to leave their message. Perhaps, pop it in the mailbox for your postal carrier to have, place it along a walking path for a stranger to find, or surprise a love rock for a family member. For more ideas on things kids can do to make this world better, look no further than In A Perfect World for inspiration and activities to promote Everyday Kindness.

Learn a foreign language.

For language learning, the younger the better. Pop on language learning videos on YouTube, change the language on a movie, and learn together. Or—if you already know a second language, you can help teach your child the basics.

Take a virtual tour.

Museums might be closed right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a virtual tour. Take them on a ‘trip’ to the United Kingdom with a visit to the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle, Stonehenge and more! See the details here.

Paint, draw, and create.

Break out the drawing pads, paint brushes, and whatever you wish to help you and your children release some creativity.Check outArt for Kids Hub for a fun online lesson to do together.

Bake some cookies and decorate them.

Teach your kids about baking as you whip up your favorite cookies together. Make it even better by letting them put icing and sprinkles to individualize their cookies.

Have a tea party.

We always see kids having tea parties in movies, so why not bring it to life at home! There’s plenty of kid-friendly teas (or you can use juice) and enjoy a fancy afternoon tea together as a family.

Try yoga for kids.

Could this be the secret to keeping your children calm all quarantine long? Either way it’ll be fun for your kids and a great way to connect with them if you already practice yoga yourself. Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.

Build a fort and watch a movie.

Gather the family to help make a fort in your living room, pick a fun kid-friendly movie, prepare some popcorn and voilà!

Play charades and other games.

A fun thing to do at home with the kids is play games like charades, I Spy (play it in your yard for added fun and sunshine), and Simon Says. It’ll be lots of fun for the family. Of course, don’t forget about traditional board games like Life, Candy Land, Shoots & Ladders, and more!

Make a bird feeder.

If you or your partner have carpentry skills, you can build a wooden bird box and let your children decorate it. However, there are other alternatives such as milk carton bird feeders like these!

Put on a play.

Have your children embrace their creative side as they use items around the house to put on a play for the rest of the family. Enjoy watching the performance!

Play with Legos.

Do you have Legos? If so, start constructing Legos with your children and see what masterpiece you can come up with.

Indulge in a spa day!

Spa days aren’t only for grown-ups! Do fun mace masks, nail painting, and whatever your child would like. Have fun with it!

Read books together and make art.

Read some favorites from Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, and other kid-friendly authors. Make it even more fun by planning a crafting activity after reading a book. For example, after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you can help your kids make their own caterpillar from construction paper or paint. Looking for more things to do during lockdown? Here’s 17 awesome things to do at home as a couple.

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