Best Holiday Gifts for Beach Lovers

It’s officially December, but your bestie or loved one is still dreaming about summertime by the beach. We get it. With the holiday season underway, here’s your guide to the best gifts for beach lovers.



A stylish beach towel

Every beach lover needs a stylish beach towel (or five). These round towels are oversized, making them perfect for a day at the beach. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can personalize this beach gift for the holidays.



A cute hat for all seasons

A stylish straw hat is a perfect gift for a beach lover. It can be worn year-round and adds a bit of style to any look. Gift a hat to someone this holiday season. Check out these handmade hats from Rio Blanco.



A painting or picture from their favorite beach destination

Personalize a beach gift for your loved one this year! Get a photo or painting of their favorite beach destination printed and framed. It will add a beautiful detail to any room and makes for a wonderful present this holiday season.



A fresh pair of sunglasses

Any beach person knows that sunglasses are a staple item. Gift someone a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses this holiday season. Polarized lenses are excellent in reducing glare making them a perfect pair for driving, beach days, and even snowy winter mornings!



A jar of seashells

For a simple yet thoughtful gift, collect seashells (or order online if you don’t live near the beach) and put them in a glass jar with a cork. You can personalize it with burlap ribbon or include a personal message. It’s an easy, affordable, and eco-friendly gift for a beach lover!


An oversized beach bag

Every beachy gal needs an oversized beach bag, so it’s a wonderful and easy gift idea for someone who loves the beach! Plus, they can be used for almost any adventure. Choose quality materials and a neutral color like the Colony Bag in burlap and canvas.



A sea glass necklace

Here’s a gift that easily screams seaside vibes. A blue and turquoise colored sea glass necklace makes for a lovely accessory item (and an excellent beach-themed gift!) Choose from various styles and lengths with this sea glass necklace from Etsy.



A cute rash guard

Another fantastic beach gift for the holidays this year is a rash guard. These tops protect the skin from the sun allowing any beach fanatic to soak up the sun, surf, and wander along  the coastline without the worry of a sunburn. Shop for rash guards this holiday season.


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