The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses are fantastic for the outdoors, offering many pros over the alternatives. Maybe you own a pair and aren’t familiar with the benefits or you’re searching for the perfect pair of new sunglasses and want to understand what exactly “polarized” is all about. So, to clear up any confusion about what they’re is all about, here are the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses.

How polarized sunglasses work

Using a special chemical, polarized lenses filter light. The molecules are lined up to block certain light from passing through the lens. The polarized lenses will block out all the horizontal light waves bouncing off water or a shiny car hood, for example. The filtering of light creates a dark look when looking through the lenses, but it usually means that the objects appear crisper, clearer, and more vivid, as a result.

What are the benefits of polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses reduce glare.

One major benefit of polarized lenses is their glare reducing abilities. Typically, on a sunny day when the rays hit a vehicle or reflect off someone’s cell phone, for example, it can be quite intense and blinding, right? However, polarized lenses remove glare making them a safer option. This improves the eyes’ comfort, eliminating the need to squint to see. Polarized lenses will block reflections from the rays that hit the sea and snow, too.

They reduce eye strain.

Combined with their ability to reduce glare, you’re squinting less and putting less strain on the eyes. This helps prevent health issues such as eye redness and headaches that can sometimes be the result of exhausted eyes.

Polarized lenses sharpen objects.

When wearing polarized sunglasses, objects appear sharper and clearer. This helps your brain determine what’s around you quicker, helping you to stay safer while driving, doing sports, or being outside on sunny days.

Choose polarized lenses with UV protection for the best outdoor experience.

Overall, polarized sunglasses are ideal for outdoor activities in all seasons and situations that involve sunny weather. Whether you’re out on a hike, going on a road trip, or laying out at the beach, polarized sunglasses are an excellent choice – especially when they’re combined with UV protection. UV protection will give your eyes and surrounding skin the added protection it needs to keep harmful UV rays out of your eyes, helping to prevent sunburns and eye damage. For eco-friendly, polarized, and UV protected sunglasses, check out our range of options here. With several styles, all frames are carefully handmade from 100% recycled wood and UV 400 protection.

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