Visiting Malibu? Here’s What to Wear in Malibu + Packing List
Malibu, a small oasis nestled along the Pacific Coast with big city L.A. next door, makes for a perfect place to stay to California. Where the mountains meet the ocean, Malibu is best of both worlds, some might say. With its year-round great weather, here’s what to wear in Malibu along with a complete packing list.

What is the weather like in Malibu?

Malibu’s temperate climate means that it's never too hot or too cold, making it an excellent destination any time of the year. Expect high 80s during the day and mid 60s at night during the warmest months spanning mid-July through mid-October. Autumn brings on a slight drop in temperature. Low in the day 70s and low 80s and low 60s at night can be expected in late October and November. Then, January, February, and March experience mid-60s to low 50s. Finally, spring hovers in the 60s/70s during the day and drops to mid-50s at night. The winter to early spring months experience the most rain, though it’s only a few days each month. However, there’s practically no rainfall the rest of the year. Do keep in mind there’s little thing called June Gloom in California. June Gloom brings along cloudy, overcast skies, and cooler air along the ocean (but no rain). So, visiting in June through mid-July, you might be surprised by the not-so-perfect beach days.

What to wear in Malibu

Keeping the weather in mind, it’s safe to say you can leave your winter gear at home. Instead, you’ll want to pack along summery outfits and layers to wear after dark. But, first things first! Make sure to leave lots of room in your suitcase for all of the fantastic shopping in Malibu. Check out the Malibu Country Mart, the Malibu Lumber Yard and Trancas Country Market. These markets offer excellent boutique shops, restaurants, and more. Shopping at local businesses is an excellent way to practice sustainable tourism and give back to the communities you visit. Sun dress- A sun dress is a must on a trip to Malibu. A flowing sun dress is ideal for beach wanders, picturesque photos, and exploring Malibu.Plus, sun dresses are easy to layer with a denim jacket on the cooler nights. Wear your dressier sundresses on dinner nights out at some of our favorite restaurants Nobu Malibu for Japanese food, Mastros Ocean Club for steak and seafood as well as Geoffrey’s and TradiNoi, one of the best Italian restaurants in Malibu. Keep it casual at Bui Sushi, the Californian bistro Ollo, Duke’s for Hawaiian cuisine, Ollie’s Duck n Drive for eco-friendly eats and craft beer as well as Malibu Seafood. Romper – Who doesn’t love a romper? They almost look like a dress but with built-in shorts. What a concept. A romper is another great option for various looks beyond just a sun dress. Bonus: it won’t blow up on those breezy beach walks Hike-friendly shorts– Malibu offers numerous of great parks and relaxed hiking trails, so if that’s your thing then pack along a pair of shorts and a top to go along with it. You’ll find some extraordinary views of the Pacific. Sandals–You hardly need any other pair of shoes for Malibu, so pack a durable, comfortable pair that you can wear on walks and when strolling around Malibu. A sun hat– A hat is the best accessory for a trip to Malibu. Wearing a hat will keep the sun out of your face and add some extra pizazz to your outfit for hiking, strolling and beach time. Bring along a more stylish sun hat to pair with sun dresses when out for shopping and dining. An oversized beach towel– Keep yourself off the hot sand with an oversized beach towel. These round towels are perfect and stylish. Reef-friendly sunscreen – Beat those strong UV rays with SPF 30+ and reef-friendly sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day. Your skin will really appreciate it. You can also buy SPF foundation for added protection. Many sunscreens are not safe for marine life. Opt for a reef-friendly alternative so can do your part to help our planet along. Sunglasses – It’s practically always sunny in Malibu, so give your eyes some needed protection with a stylish pair of sunglasses. Keep it local with a pair of SHADED malibu sunglasses. Wear them when lunching on a patio at Nobu, Geoffrey’s, or TradiNoi, some of those delicious restaurants we mentioned before. Large beach bag – Keep all your Malibu packing items tucked away in a large beach bag. Grab one with an extra pocket and a mesh bottom to easily remove sand. Here’s what makes the perfect beach bag Reusable water bottle – Stay hydrated on outings with a eco-friendly stainless steel water bottle. This will be especially handy while at the beach and out of on those scenic hikes. Beach umbrella – If you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach, purchase a Malibu-style beach umbrella to complete your look.A lightweight one with an easy shoulder bag will make transporting it around a breeze. Swimsuit – Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your favorite swimsuit for those lovely and salty Pacific Ocean swims.Protect your skin with a rash guard; the UV rays are strong in Malibu, so a layer off extra protection is a must to keep your skin safe. That’s how to pack and what to wear in Malibu. Quick Reference List: Sun dresses Romper Shorts Sun Hat Sandals Beach Towel Reef-Friendly Sunscreen Sunglasses Beach Bag Reusable water bottle Beach Umbrella Swimsuit Enjoy exploring this beautiful piece of California. Want to know what our beach day essentials are? Find out here!

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