Visit Tulum, Mexico: What to do in This Tropical Paradise
Venture to Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula to experience the natural charm of this Caribbean coastline town. Tulum is an oasis of gorgeous white sandy beaches, hidden caves, ancient Mayan ruins, and a whole lot of tropical entertainment. Here’s the best things to do when you visit Tulum, Mexico.

Where to stay in Tulum

Hang by the pool, swing in a hammock, and soak up the laid back vibes of Tulum at Selina Tulum. Selina offers a variety of accommodation styles to meet all budgets. Stay in a stylish loft, a family room, or even cozy up in a teepee. There’s plenty of options and, of course, Selina Tulum is also located at the beachfront. There’s also a rejuvenating wellness center and a yoga deck for a mindful trip and a restaurant serving up Caribbean and Mexican goodies like grilled fish and spicy tamales. Hit the dancefloor and visit the tasty cocktail bar for more during your stay in Tulum.

Best things to do in Tulum

Hit the Beach, of course

You’ll likely be spending a lot of your time in Tulum by the beach. We couldn’t blame you either. Tulum has some gorgeous beaches like the picturesque Playa Ruinas, with Mayan ruins looking over it, and Playa Paraíso, with its inviting palm trees and cliff line. Don’t forget to pack an oversized beach towel an protective sun umbrella, because those Mexican UV rays are strong.

Visit the Tulum Ruins

A trip to Mexico is hardly complete without visiting ruins. Visit Tulum and see 13th-century walled Mayan ruins at the Tulum National Park. There are quite a few ruins to see like El Castillo, the main pyramid, and the interesting House of Columns. The archaeological siteoverlooks the sea and is dabbled with palm trees, cactus flowers, steep rocky cliffs, and even some iguanas. They’re fascinating to see and well worth a visit on a trip to Tulum.

Explore Cenotes (sinkholes)

Another one of the best things to do in Tulum is explore the beautiful cenotes. The most popular is Gran Cenote. Surrounded by nature, this cenote has a wooden pool deck to easily get in and out of the water. Get their early as it tends to get busier during the day. Cenote Choo-ha is another awesome cenote to check out. It’s less popular than Gran Cenote, but still absolutely stunning. Also, where Gran Cenote has an open ceiling, Choo-ha only has a small gap, so it feels more like a cave. There’s dozens of cenotes to discover. So, if you love the first two, you should definitely visit more during your Tulum trip. Pack an eco-friendly water bottle to stay hydrated during your excursions.

Spend a night in the jungle

While on one end of Tulum you can experience the sea, on the other you can discover the jungle. Spend a night or two eco-glampingsurrounded by the sounds and beauty of the jungle. It’s an absolute treat and a great way to really experience the charm of jungle life.

Get in the water

Beyond just visiting Tulum’s beaches, get in the water foran exciting excursion. You have options of kayaking, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, and more! It adds a lot of adventure to a typical beach day. Definitely pencil this is when you visit Tulum! Most likely, your hotel or accommodation can help arrange this for you, so there’s no need to book it before you arrive. Sine the UV rays are so strong here, it’s recommended to wear a rash guard while you kayak, snorkel, or paddle board. This will help immensely in preventing a sunburn.

Rejuvenate with a yoga class

There’s a number of yoga and wellness studios, making Tulum a wonderful destination for yogis. Enjoy a picturesque sunset session or start the morning off with a beachside class. Here are some of the best yoga studios in Tulum. Those are the best things to do in Tulum. Looking for more Caribbean travel guides? Check out our guide to Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast!

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