Top International Winter Destinations You Need to Visit
Snowy landscapes, aromatic Christmas markets, and plenty of cultural experiences to fill your book. That’s just some of what you can find traveling internationally during the winter months. So, if you’re planning an international winter getaway this year, here’s our take on the best of the best winter destinations abroad.

Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise is a magical winter destination for those who love the outdoors. Try out skiing at Lake Louise Ski Resort for excellent terrain and mountainous views. There’s also snowshoeing, dogsledding, hockey, and ice-skating on the lake surrounded by a giant ice castle so you can be the Frozen character you always dreamed of.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague embodies the Christmas spirit in Central Europe. With its fairy-tale like city twinkling with lights and the aromas of its Christmas markets, winter in Prague is magical. The city generously offers cobblestoned streets and picturesque views with dozens of Christmas markets scattered, too. Be sure to enjoy a cup (or three) of mulled wine and tradeline, a warm cylinder-shaped dough and rolled in cinnamon sugar. Yes, please.

Hallstatt, Austria

When covered in snow, Hallstatt becomes a winter lover’s paradise. It’s like Hallstatt was made especially for winter. Nestled next to a lake and surrounded by the Alps, visitors get to enjoy mystical days of wintery fog hovering above the water and hikes up the Hallstatt Skywalk for incredible views.

Seoul, South Korea

There’s no city quite like Seoul. It's bustling, quirky, and full of life. It’s also a special winter destination. Go ice skating at the Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink. Then, warm up in Seoul’s teahouses and munch on sweet rice cakes. You can spend days wandering the South Korean capital’s many neighbourhoods and you’ll likely be lucky enough to see them sprinkled with soft snow.

Sapporo, Japan

Though there are many places in Japan to witness a beautiful snowfall, Sapporo is the most popular. This cool city (quite literally) is the capital of Hokkaido and offers many winter activities such as ski resorts, hot springs, and ice-fishing. Another great thing about winter in Sapporo is its famous snow festival “Sapporo Yuki Matsui” that happens every February. Visitors who come the beginning of February can enjoy giant snow sculptures, ice-skating, gourmet food, and lots of celebrating.

Tromsø, Norway

Longing to see those magnificent dance lights in the sky? Tromsø is one of the top designations in Europe for seeing the Northern Lights in all its glory. Plus, it’s the largest city in Northern Norway so it offers a lot more than just hopefully witnessing the Northern Lights. There’s a huge cultural hub, Arctic experiences, and cool bars and cafes.
And those are our top international winter destinations! Want to travel in the USA this winter? Here’s our top winter destinations in the USA, too.

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