Top Best Beaches along Costa Brava in Spain
Costa Brava is a dream destination for beach lovers and hikers alike with its rugged coastline, turquoise beaches, and endless trails. We’re a bit beach obsessed at SHADEDmalibu, and we love exploring new destinations around the world. Costa Brava is easily one of our favorites. Where is Costa Brava you might ask? It’s located in Catalonia, a region in Spain that hugs the Mediterranean Sea.Its coast begins just a short train ride from Barcelona. Many – as you can image – venture to Costa Brava for sun and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life back in Barcelona. It’s not only a destination for Barcelona’s locals on a short getaway though, many come from around the world to explore its picturesque beaches – just like you might be planning!

Here are the top best beaches in Costa Brava.

Cala sa Boadella

One of the first beaches to discover as you make your way from Barcelona is Cala sa Boadella. It might be for the bold or those ready to embrace all things European because this beach happens to bea nudistone. But don’t scroll away yet! It’s one of the most gorgeous beaches along the coast. The sand is a perfect tint of beige and the shore gleams in turquoiseclear colors. It’s a sight to see – in a lot of ways.

Cala sa Caleta

Near one of the main towns, Lloret de Mar, you’ll find this gorgeous quaint beach that features a castle formed into the coastline peaking out next to you. It’s easy to access, small, and offers dreamy views in every direction you turn. Then, if you go along the castle, you’ll follow a beautiful walled pathway that straddles the coast, offering impeccableMediterranean views.

Cala Morisca

Though not technically a beach, Cala Morisca is a hidden cove that is only accessible by following a short trail off the GR-92 hiking paths. You’ll wander down a series of steps until you discover a small swimming cove. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the place all to yourself.

Cala Maset

Another cozy and hidden away spot, Cala Maset is located just past one of Costa Brava’s towns, Sant Feliu de Guíxols. This Costa Brava beach offers its visitors a a swimming spot with its vibrantly turquoise waters, mixed with a calm, secluded vibe.

Platja de Llafranc

Platja de Llafranc is a fantastic beach spot in Costa Brava. Llafranc itself is a quaint beach town with plenty of restaurants and hotels nearby. Its beach is stretched with soft white sand and visitors can enjoy beautiful views and the white-washed town all at once.

Platja de Castell

For a spacious yet calm beach in Costa Brava, Platja de Castell is a must. It’s a large and accessible beach located withinPalamós, so you’ll likely be accompanied by other beach goers, but it’s still a relaxing and gorgeous spot along Costa Brava.
There are tons of great beaches -- big and small -- along Costa Brava. Don’t forget to explore towns like Tossa de Mar, Palamós, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, and Calella de Palafrugell. The public beaches, such as Platja de Sant Pol, along these towns offer nearby hotels, bars, and restaurants, and plenty of things to do. They also make a perfect base for exploring the rest of these top beaches in Costa Brava. Check back soon for more exciting destinations around the world. In the meantime, prep for your next beach adventure at

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