Top 10 Beach Day Essentials
The waves are rushing in along the shore, the seagulls are chuckling, and the ambience is perfect. There’s nothing like coming to the beach on a warm, sunny day. But when planning a beach day, you want to be sure to bring along the right items as to not end up disappointed, sunburnt, and underprepared. Here are the top beach day essentials for a perfect day trip.

Sun Umbrella

One thing is certain: with the lack of shade available at the beach, sun umbrellas are a beach day essential in order to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Offering SPF 30+ protection, these signature umbrellas offer both style and coverage with a lightweight, matching carrying bag.

Reusable Water Bottle

The sun can dehydrate you, so when planning a beach day, bring along this eco-friendly Malibu Lagoon water bottle filled with fresh water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Beach Towel

Every beach day needs anabsorbent towel to relax on. These round towels are the perfect combination of style and versatility. They’re also oversized at 5 ft in diameter, making them one of the best beach day must haves.

Towel Wrap

Beach days can get a bit chilly when the wind hits your sea-salted skin, pack the El Pescador Turkish Towel to wrap up in or dry off with after a splash in the water.

Rash Guard

For some additional skin protection, add a stylish rash guard of SPF 50+ to your beach day essentials. These will allow you to comfortably move and groove at the beach without the stress of a rash or sunburn.

Sun Hat

Sun hats and beach days go hand in hand. A UV-protective one will keep you cooled down and protected when you’re not under a beach umbrella. Opt for a chic straw hat like this one from Rio Blanco.
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Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses help to reduce glare from the sun, sharpen objects, and shield your eyes all at once. The beach can stress your eyes with the glare of the sun gleaming against the ocean, so protect your eyes with these polarized Oceanair Sunnies.

Color Science Sun Screen

Did you know strong chemical sunscreens harm marine life and kill coral reefs? You don’t want to take a dip into the ocean if you’re wearing an unsafe sun screen. Don’t worry, though. Kind, reef safe sunscreen like Colorscience does exist. Protect your skin and marine life at the same time with friendly sunscreen.

Music, books, games

It all depends on your personal preference. Do you prefer to read a book and listen to the waves and surrounding beach goers or would you rather jam out with your headphones in? If your beach day isn’t solo, bring playing cards, a beach ball, frisbee, or whatever your beach game of choice may be.

A Functional Beach Bag

Now that you know what the beach day must haves are, you need to throw it all in a functional, lightweight beach bag like The Colony Bag to keep everything organized and travel friendly.

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