Tips for Safe Travel After the Coronavirus Pandemic
As worry and disease spread, travelers are understandably concerned about their future plans. This has resulted in confusion, border closures, and a major hit to the tourism industry. So, is it worth it to cancel trips or should you proceed as usual after the pandemic? Is it a good plan a summer trip domestically? If you’re planning to go ahead with your travel plans, here’s the top tips for safe travel after the coronavirus pandemic.

Book hotels and flights with flexible cancellation policies.

This is an important extra protection to make you can get your money back if you decide to not go or are unable to take your trip. This pandemic has been unpredictable, so it’s wise to book with reassurance. Southwest Airlines has always allowed cancellations up to 10 minutes before your flight – yes, really! The money or points just go back onto your Southwest account to use at a later date, fee free. Also, most accommodation on offers free cancellations, too.

Fly Business or First Class.

Coronavirus spreads from being around infected people. The longer you’re around someone with the disease, the more likely you are to get infected as a result. Limit the number of people around you while you fly by booking a business or first-class ticket. The Wall Street Journal states, “Another study modeling risk between economy class and first class concluded with the obvious: the chances of exposure are lessened if there are fewer people around you. If a flight is full, there would be less chance of getting infected in first class compared with coach.”

Take road trips domestically.

As it might be several more months before international travel returns to its ‘new normal’, opt for exploring your home country and state instead. Explore around Malibu, check out some national parks, and enjoy seeing the beauty of your home country. Sometimes we never get around to exploring places around us because we’d rather travel off to faraway lands. Use this time to see the places you’ve been putting off. Plus, a road trip is the safest way to avoid contracting the virus.

Explore nature and practice social distancing.

Another great way to practice social distancing while traveling is to explore nature. Spend time on hiking trails, kayaking vacations, or even sailing. There’s plenty of ways to travel safety after the coronavirus pandemic and practicing social distancing is a big one.

Avoid close contact with sick people.

While you’re traveling, avoid being around sick people. If you notice someone sneezing or coughing, do your best to stay away from them. This can be especially difficult on planes, which is another excellent reason to book a first-class ticket or take a road trip instead. However, if you’re on a bus, train, or metro, move seats or stand up as necessary to avoid close contact with ill passengers.

Make sure you have travel insurance.

It’s smart to have travel insurance anytime you go abroad, but especially during and after the pandemic. If you get sick, want to cancel a trip, or need assistance abroad, a travel insurance can help you cut down your costs and keep you safe.

Consult the Department of State Travel Advisory and the CDC before you travel abroad.

Before you venture off or book your trip abroad, check and for more information about coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel advice. These websites will provide you with official guidelines and advice needed before booking your trip.

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