SHADED malibu Insider Look: How to Use Our Products in Winter
Malibu may benefit from everlasting sunny days, but it doesn’t mean our products at SHADED malibu are only useful for summer weather. Surprise! Many of our products are great for wintertime. Here’s how to use your SHADED malibu products in winter.

Turkish Towels double as a cozy blanket

Using 100% Turkish cotton, these oversized towels get softer after every wash. That means they’re excellent for winter as an extra layer when you’re sitting outside or cozying up on the sofa. Wrap yourself up in it and let your winter blues slide away. Check out our variety of Turkish towels here.

Our sunnies because the sun can still shine in winter

When the sun’s rays hit thick white snow, your eyes won’t be happy, and the reflection of the rays can damage your eyes. That’s why a pair of our polarized sunnies will keep your eyes protected all season long. What are the benefits of polarized sunglasses? Find out here. Shop our selection of sunnies.

When you head on winter vacation

Many of us retreat to warmer climates for our winter vacation, that means your SHADED malibu products will certainly come in great use. Use our beach bags as your personal item on the flight and fill it with your travel essentials. Then, don’t forget your favorite pair of sunnies and a versatile towel!

Heilo Skin Care to keep your skin moisturized

Have you noticed your skin getting drier as the temperature drops? Our fantastic line up of products of Heilo Skin Care will help to rejuvenate and moisturize dry skin. Try EGFRejuvenating Serum or the EGF Renew Creme to show your skin some love this winter.

Malibu Lagoon Water Bottle because hydration is important year-round

Gotta stay hydrated year-round, right? Might as well do it in stylish with our ecofriendly Malibu Lagoon bottle. PS we won’t judge if you decide to fill it with wine this holiday season instead.
Beat the winter blue with SHADED malibu. Our products may remind you of our home in Malibu and the summer days that aren’t too far out of reach after all.

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