Q&A with Actor Nathin Butler: Australia’s Bushfires and How You Can Help
PC: Marc Blackwell Nathin Butler hails from far Far North Queensland where he was raised on a cattle farm but has been residing in Los Angeles since 2008 for his acting career. He interviewed with SHADED malibu about life in Australia and what’s going on with Australia’s bushfires, which are currenting wreaking havoc on his homeland. What inspired you to become an actor? What’s been some of your most significant roles to date? Nathin:My mother was a country music singer and I was always performing from a young age. Then, I got accepted into the National Institute of Dramatic Art and got my bachelors in theatre, which inspired me to pursue a career in acting. I most recently was filming season 3 of Westworld and also appeared in Hawaii Five-0 as the bad ass Nick Towne. 2020 is off to a sombersome start for your home country with the devastating wildfires ravaging throughout the country. We know that Australia has a “fire season” each year, but this year’s fires are of the worst seen in decades, right? Can you explain a little bit more about what’s going on and what’s causing these fires? Nathin: We have had problems with fires for forever, but this is notably the worst it’s ever been. You just can’t ignore global warming. The summers are getting hotter and hotter, reaching record breaking temperatures every year. Have you or any of your family members been affected by these fires? Nathin: 80 percent of the country has been covered in smoke. Now there’s recently been severe hailstorms, dust storms, and flooding. And this is all linked to massive effect of climate change. My family have been affected as they live all over the country. But I will say one thing about Australian is that we’re a tough nation. My family have personally faced this kind of adversity before; in fact, in 1974 there was the biggest flood Australia had ever seen. It was said to be a river 100 miles wide. We lost thousands of cattle. When the flood had cleared, we found some of our cows hanging dead in the tops of trees. What are some ways people and other communities can get involved and help with the wildlife relief in Australia? Nathin: Our world is in trouble. We need to do something about it and right now Australia is in dire need our help. Estimated over 800 million animals in danger. Not to mention the vast percentage of vascular plants, flora and fauna, found nowhere else on this planet - are ablaze. If you’d like to contribute to the Australian bushfire relief. Help the wildlife and nature preserves. Donate here https://bushfires.rspca.org.au. Other ways to give back and help the victims of Australia’s bushfires: Help save koala hospitals save Australia’s koala bears by donating here. Donate to the Australian Red Cross who are providing local support throughout Australia. You can donate at their website here. You also support local Australian firefighting services. You’ll be supporting those who are on the frontline of the disaster, helping calm the fires, and bring animals to safety. You can donate to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) here. A little bit more about Nathin: Born and raised in Australia, Nathin Butler left home in 2008 to pursue his career in the United States. Best known for his portrayal of Dr. Ewen Keenan in the Emmy Award winning show "General Hospital" and as Nick Towne in "Hawaii Five-0". Already hitting the ground running in 2020, having recently filmed HBO's "Westworld" Season 3, airing later this year. Also a series regular on "Winners & Losers" and recurring roles on HULU series "Casual" and ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." With a love of filmmaking and storytelling, Nathin has created several projects and will take his passion to the next level by writing and producing an Australian true crime drama titled "Far North". Continuing to climb and make an impact in the entertainment industry, Nathin has some exciting projects slated for this year. PC: Tory Mussett

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