Our Favorite Fall Destinations around the World
Our Favourite Fall Destinations around the World When you’re a lover of fall, you really love it. Just one leaf falls from a tree, setting the foundation for piles of autumnally colored leaves to come, and you’re all in for the season. Chunky sweaters, boots, and all things pumpkin are out. If you’re like us at SHADEDmalibu, you may also be searching for the most beautiful fall destinations around the world. That’s why we’re sharing our favourites to spark your next adventure or simply help you to fuel your fall obsession (just like us).

Budapest, Hungary

Cozy up in Budapest with some of Europe’s most amazing coffee shops, along with picturesque views of fallen leaves along the Danube River and the Hungarian Parliament. It’s a stunning destination in Central Europe year-round, but especially spectacular during the autumn months. Check out the Jewish Quarter for some of the best cozy cafes in the area.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Head to the northeast for incredible fall foliage and plenty of pumpkin patches. Boston, Massachusetts is a fantastic U.S. destination for witnessing the fall season in all its glory. Watch the leaves fall upon the city’s cobbled streets as you enrich yourself in such a historical city. Bonus: Take a drive Northeast up to Maine and enjoy the gorgeous change of color in the leaves for an out of city fall experience.

Seoul, South Korea

For fall destinations in Asia, Seoul is a must. As South Korea’s capital, there’s so much to do and see in Seoul and the backdrop of fall foliage upon traditional neighbourhoods like Samcheong-dong is truly picturesque. The leaves are vibrant, the trees are glorious, and the city is alive.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Set off cycling as you wander along the canals in Amsterdam with autumn’s leaves crinkling beneath your bicycle. Though many come to Amsterdam in spring for the tulips, autumn is also a beautiful time to see the city. Enough Dutch beer or a glass of wine on a boat ride through the canals as you witness the city speckled with orange, run, and browns hues. The colors of Amsterdam’s buildings are autumnal enough at it is, but the season makes it a true masterpiece.

Quebec City, Canada

Head to Canada for the exquisite fall destination of Quebec City. Autumn is a great time to visit Quebec City as its covered in fall leaves, delicious coffee shops, and Halloween fun all season long. Take the panoramic gondola in Mont-Sainte-Anne for stunning views of the area.

Aspen, Colorado, USA

Step into nature at Aspen, with valleys full of aspen trees turning yellow against a clear blue sky and the surrounding mountains. If you love nature and fall, this is definitely the destination for you. Enjoy hiking in Maroon Bells for the best of fall foliage.

Sleepy Hollow, New York, USA

Looking for a spooky fall destination? Visit Sleepy Hollow for an eerie autumnal experience packed full of folklore and Halloween fun. To really spark the Halloween spirit, check out the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze to complete the experience of Sleepy Hallow during fall. And those are some of our favourite fall destinations for beautiful autumnal hues and backdrops. Looking for more fall adventures? Here’s some of the best fall festivals around the world.

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