Our Favorite Beaches Around the World
With miles and miles of rugged, sandy, and rocky coastlines, the world is filled with tremendous and inspirational beaches. Us beach lovers are constantly wandering the planet in search of the world’s most amazing beaches. With springtime travel around the corner, let this list of the top beaches around the worldfrom the Caribbean to the Mediterranean Sea inspire you. Tranquil and Calming Malibu Road Beach California

Tranquil and Calming Malibu Road Beach, California

A long stretch of tranquility, calm breezes, and the Pacific Ocean is what you’ll find along Malibu Road. The northern end of beach is an excellent spot for beach picnics or enjoying the picnic benches at fresh seafood from Malibu Seafood. It’s a special spot for romantic and inspirational sunsets and a perfect beach for being alone with your thoughts, too. The Adventurous and Vivid Praia do Camilo Portugal

The Adventurous and Vivid Praia do Camilo, Portugal

The Algarve region of Portugal is home to gorgeous beaches and rugged rock formations and grottos along the coast. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Pria do Camilo. Located in Lagos, this is a charming, golden-hued beach, and easily a favorite in the Algarve. Take in the initial inspirational view when you first make you way to this beach. Then, follow down the zig-zagged wooden staircase to the beach, wander through hand-dug tunnels, go for a swim in the Atlantic, and try out on a number of water excursions. The seaside town of Lagos and Praia de Camilo are fantastic spots for kayaking and paddle boarding thanks its alluring caves and grottos, so it’s a blast to explore on the water.

Tropical and QuietPlaya Grande Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Tropical and QuietPlaya Grande,Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Biodiverse Costa Rica is an ecotourism utopia, offering some incredible beaches. One of those is tucked away in the chilled-out beach town of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast. Playa Grande is where the jungle meets the sea. Here beach lovers come to surf, wander its nearby jungle trails and enjoy the empty spaces and white sand.It’s also a great spot to go snorkelingand search for coral and fish. The Turquoise and Rugged Platja de sa Boadella Spain

The Turquoise and Rugged Platja de sa Boadella, Spain

Just north of Barcelona, you’ll find Platja de sa Boadella. With sparkling turquoise waters and soft white sand, this is one of our favorite beaches—not only in Spain—but around the world. It’s seclusion from main roads gives it an added charm. To access Platja de sa Boadella, you’ll follow along a trail ortake on short, rewarding hike from nearby seaside towns Blanes or Lloret de Mar. Once reaching this mesmerizing beach in Costa Brava, take in the clear turquoise waters, breathe in the fresh salty air, and unwind as you immerse yourself in nature. Succeeded and Peaceful Luskentyre Beach Scotland

Succeeded and Peaceful Luskentyre Beach, Scotland

Beaches might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Scotland, but this country of greenery will surprise you with some fascinating beaches. Plus, there’s over 900 islands in Scotland and the coastlines aren’t all rocky cliffs. Luskentyre Beach on Isle of Harris offers superior white sand, endless sandy shares for wandering, and crystal clear, turquoise waters. It’s similar to what you would find in the Caribbean minus the palm trees and humidity. Instead you get the backdrop of Scottish hills and an emotionally beautiful beach and fresh pure air. The Golden-Colored Ramla Bay Malta

The Golden-Colored Ramla Bay, Malta

This tiny Mediterraneancountry might fit into London 5 times, but Malta still packs plenty of beauty into its 3 islands. Ramla Bay is one of the best beaches to see. This beach is unique for its reddish-gold tinted sand, lovely wide bay, and excellent scenery. It’s beautiful year round and especially during spring. Accessible via a ferry from Malta’s main island, this spot is on the island of Gozo and is one of the best beaches around the world to soak up scenery, superb weather, and enjoy Malta’s nature in the Mediterranean.

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