Maldives Tourism: 6 Reasons to Visit the Maldives
Hanging palm trees, crystalline waters with extraordinary shades of blue, and vibrant white sand are just a few of the things you’re in for when you visit the Maldives. Made up of nearly 1,200 tiny islands, it’s a perfect beach getaway for sun, warm weather, and laid back vibes in South Asia. Here are 6 reasons to visit the Maldives.

Unwind on the beach.

If the beach is your thing, you’ll feel right at home in the Maldives. This small island nation is packed with glorious beaches just waiting to be relaxed upon. Sparkling white sand meets vibrantly hued waters, making the Maldives home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Check out some of the best beaches in the Maldives. Pack a stylish and oversized beach towel to keep your body off the hot sand. You’ll also want to bring a rash guard and sun umbrella for extra protection from the sun. You don’t want your trip-spoiled by an awful sunburn.

You can stay in an overwater villa.

Walk along the pier to your beautiful overwater villa for an additional treat! It’s one of the best experiences and there are plenty of unique places to stay like private island resorts and local islands. Kanuhura offers gorgeous overwater and beach villas in a stylish set up surrounded by fine white sand and the lush Indian Ocean waters.

Cycle around the islands.

Most hotels and resorts offer bikes for exploring the islands. Cycle around the overwater villas, explore the area and enjoy the scenery. It’s also the best way to get around bigger islands such as Addu Atoll or Laamu Atoll. These have the largest stretches of land in the country. Wear a rash guard when cycling around the islands, as the sun is very strong in the Maldives.

You can explore the Maldives’ beauty underwater.

Take a plunge underwater fora deep-water diving session or snorkelingto experience the marine life of the area such as sea turtles, manta rays, and various fish navigating through the colorful coral reef.Snorkeling or diving is one of the bestreasons to visit the Maldives.

Indulge in Maldivian cuisine.

The cuisine of the Maldives is delicious! Typical dishes make up one or more of foods like fish, coconut, curry, and starches. The most popular dishes are Maldivian curries, which typically use fish, chicken, or vegetables with exotic spices and flavors. Check out some this Lonely Planet guide to eating in the Maldives.

Enjoy water adventures.

With all that surrounding water at your overwater villa, you might as well go for a dip and enjoy water sports when you visit the Maldives. Whether you want to rent jet skis, kayaks, paddle boards, or even go surfing, it’s all possible and makes for a great time spent with family or friends. There’s also exciting dolphin and turtle safari boats to add to your Maldives bucket list. Looking for more destinations open to US travelers right now? Check out our travel guide to Tulum, Mexico.

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