How to Choose the Perfect Beach Towel
The beach towel is one of the most important items that you bring along on a beach day – yet so many beach goers aren’t using the right towel. You lay on it, you dry off with it, it gets sandy, you shake it out, repeat. You may think there’s nothing more to it and any towel will do, but not so fast. Why is having a quality beach towel important and how do you choose the best one?

Is it over-sized?

Over-sized beach towels are a must. Brining along a small towel for sunbathing just won’t cut it. You’ll just end up with sand in your hair and you’ll find yourself continuously tugging at your towel to attempt to keep it in place. Using an over-sized towel will mean more room for you to space out, bring a friend, and keep your beach bag out of the sand, too.

Can it dry quickly?

Have you ever smelt a damp towel? Yeah... that lingers. However, using a quick-drying towel speeds up of the drying process (it’s in the same after all) and prevents that undelightful odor from presenting itself. Plus, you can hang it up to dry and it’ll be ready for another use in no time!

How absorbent is it?

A beach towel serves multiple purposes. You use it to dry off after a dip in the water and as a layer between you and the sand. All that contact with water can make a less absorbent towel an unpleasant sunbathing experience. A quick-drying material like microfiber or cotton will do the trick.

Is it soft?

Softness is an important factor in choosing the right beach towel. You want a material that is going to feel soft and comfortable against your skin – even after being washed again and again. A nice cotton towel will likely be the comfiest option. Try these Turkish towels for superior comfort. They’re so soft they could even double as a baby blanket.

Is it versatile?

We all know a beach towel is more than just a beach towel. So, when choosing the bestone, you should opt for one that’s going to be versatile. Can you use it to dry off but alsowrap yourself up it when going for a moonlit beach stroll or sitting by the fire? Could it be used as a blanket for picnics or on a long flight? Versatility is a big key to the best beach towel.

How packable is it?

Odds are you’re going to be traveling with it at some point, so you’ll want one that can be folded up neatly without taking up too much space in your bag. Towels like this one are some of the best beach towels that are travel friendly.

How stylish is it?

C’mon, half the fun of a beach towel is the pattern and design. Choose a beach towel with a beautiful or interesting pattern that fits your style. SHADEDmalibu’s Round Towels offer a lovely selection of beach towels in a variety of colors. And that’s how you choose the best beach towel! Visit SHADEDmalibu for a selection of beach towels to discover the perfect one. Happy Beach Days!

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