Home Essentials for Fall: Guide to a Cozy Autumn Home
Malibu may not enter the fall season until mid-October, but it’s just around the corner for most of the country; and we can practically already smell the pumpkin spice, firewood, and homemade piesin air. Fall is one of the best seasons for making your home cozy and well-decorated as we’ll be spending more time indoors watching Halloween movies, sipping hot cocoa, and snugging up under blankets on the sofa. So your home can be a cozy autumnal oasis, here are the best home essentials for fall.

Autumnal scented candles

It’s not fall in your house until you have the sweet lingering aromas of caramel apples and spiced pumpkin filling the air. Stock up on your favorite fall scents and spruce up your home with candles. Whether you want to add the hygge effect and dot your home in tealight candles or use large luxurious candles, your home will quickly be in the fall spirit.

A cozy over sized blanket

There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a a soft blanket while watching a movie on the couch. Complete the experience with an eco-friendly handwoven Turkish towel blanket. They’re warm and snuggly and perfect for bundling up on the sofa or backyard by the campfire.

Pumpkins and fall leaves

Head to the pumpkin patch and dabble them around your home as fall accent pieces. You can also press fall leaves and gather acorns you find outside for easy, natural, and eco-friendly decorations. Check out more natural fall decorations.

Woven storage baskets

Add some woven storage baskets for another home essential for fall. With their natural design and beige hues, they give off the fall vibe while also being a place to store all those extra throw pillows and blankets you’ll be needing for the upcoming seasons.

Fall tea towels and linen

Swap out your tea towels and tablecloths for more autumnal ones. Go simple with fall colors like brunt orange, brown, or a mustard yellow; or stylize with an autumn leaves pattern or texture.

Autumnal desserts

Another one of the best home essentials for fall are autumn desserts like pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple strudel. Yum! It will help fill your home with that fall spirit (and make your taste buds very happy).

Fall-themed movies

Halloween and fall movies are ready to make their yearly debut! Whether you want to watch classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown or watch movies set in fall like Autumn in New York, Fantastic Mr. Fox, or Good Will Hunting, bring them out for a fall home essential. Check out more fall-themed movies.

Soft throw pillows

Throw pillows are a wonderful way to incorporate the fall season into your home. They’re cozy and come in endless styles. You could even get creative and embroider pumpkins or fall leaves onto pillow cases. Those are our top home essentials for fall! Looking for more tips to a cozier home? Check out our guide here!

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