Finding My Glow
I am forever grateful for our chance meeting with Paige Andree, the owner of Heilo Skincare. Not only did we immediately love everything about her, but I fell in love with her product line after only a few days of using it. And now I’m hooked! My skin has never looked so good, felt so good or received so many compliments. My skin glows in a way I’ve never seen…to the point that I’ve had to turn down multiple pregnancy inquiries. No Joke. I had been searching for a skincare line for awhile and never thought I would find one that would make my skin feel so good day-by-day but also reverse my aging in only a short time. Both Paige and Heilo have become very special to us. We believe in sharing everything good in this world – and that includes good friends, good experiences and good products. So here we are, sharing Paige and Heilo with you! Jen: Hi Paige! Tell us more about your skincare line. What makes it special? Paige: Héilo Skin Care is a professional grade line that is sold at a lower price point. Professional grade meaning all our ingredients are of the highest quality and made/processed in labs with the latest technology giving optimal absorption. We use marine life and botanicals mixed with science!! Our line is equal in quality to that of medical lines which can cost 5x more than our line. We are a consumer to consumer skin care company. Before Heilo, we were overpaying $350 for one cream and not getting results. Heilo benefits: Lifts, plumps lines, evens out tone, helps remove acne scarring and more. The science part is what sets us apart…. Our amazing, transformational ingredient.. EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor). After using our Glow Kit for just a few weeks (results can vary), one can see even skin tone to the point that they will no longer have to wear foundation.. And if they choose to wear it, it only looks better. Make-up Artists love our line because it gives dimension to the skin, and that is grabbed by the camera. Foundation can bring out wrinkles, but that is no longer an issue when using Heilo. We’ve become a dream line for actors now that film and TV are in HD. Our kit gives that bounce back to skin along with lifting and smoothing out lines. And that’s not all! Clients are seeing old acne scars go away along with softening bags under the eyes. Jen: What is the one product in your line which is absolutely perfect for every skin type? Paige: It’s hands down our EGF Rejuvenating Serum which should have been called LIQUID GOLD.. It’s packed with EGF, Vitamin E, Grape Seed oil, Hyaloronic Acid, Squalene and Green tea extract. Jen: What are the steps you recommend to your clients when washing off makeup at night and caring for their skin? Paige: I tell everyone to pump a small amount of Purifying EGF Cleanser over their face, working eyelashes free of mascara and rinsing with a wash cloth. I personally dab a little EGF Rejuvenating Serum under my eyes where mascara gets stuck and I wipe it gently with a wet cloth under my eyes. This takes it off easily and gently. Our cleanser is seriously an amazing product. My husband uses just the cleanser and his skin’s health has increased dramatically. It doesn’t dry out skin and the pump makes it easy to use so you don’t use a bar of soap!! Cleanser has been under-rated… I thought for years it didn’t matter. It is all about pH and removing old skin cells. Soap leaves a film and isn’t pH friendly which can cause skin to be out of balance. Jen: What is EGF? How will it help to repair damaged skin? Paige: EGF is what our bodies make up until about age 20. It’s what gives us that supple, even tone and dewy look. It’s what helps us heal so fast as kids when getting cut or bruised. It’s so healing that it’s used on burn victims to help heal their skin. Our cells stick as we age, creating lines and loss of elasticity. EGF, along with the order of each ingredient, is synergetically stacked for optimal results causing skin cells to not stick. Hence plumper, even toned skin. EGF is a protein discovered in Nobel Prize winning research that stimulates radical cell growth in the healing process of the skin. EGF= Epidermal Growth Factor binds to specific receptors on the epidermis, the outer layer of skin. As EGF hits these receptors, it delivers a message to increase the production of good cells to an area that is injuried. So adding EGF to skin care helps to thicken aging skin, create a more youthful complexion, increase collagen and elastin fibers which gives that amazing luster. To learn more about this amazing science, your readers can go to our site and click on what is EGF.

Jen: How soon can we see the results after using your skincare products? Paige: RESULTS!!! When I first was given this line from a formulator (who by the way is behind major professional/ pharmaceutical grade skin lines), my skin had been left majorly pigmented from fertility treatments and pushing my body into menopause. I used the line before going to bed and woke up the next day with plumper skin! My husband couldn’t believe my results overnight. Now that isn’t everyone. The average person can see results within 3-10 days. We even have a trial kit which gives you about a two week supply. We get 95% of trial kit users buying full size products. Jen: What products do you recommend using when spending time outside? Are there any sunscreens you would suggest? Paige: It’s of course important to have a sunscreen that is SPF 30 and above. I also recommend our EGF renew cream with a drop of EGF Rejuvenating serum under sunscreen… Don’t use SPF with lanolin. We are also coming out with a sunscreen soon which will have EGF in it.

Jen: Why do you think it’s important to use organic skincare lines? Paige: I think quality matters because our skin is our biggest organ and it’s absorbing toxins all day long. The more we can control our environment (skin care) the better. NOW if anyone wants to change their skin, like remove spots, I would say they need peels and masks that are strong enough to do so. Those can contain harsh ingredients that aren’t all organic. But here’s the deal…you aren’t putting a strong peel or mask on your skin everyday ya know.. and many people will eat processed food everyday. Moderation is key with everything. Jen: Isn’t that the truth.. Moderation truly is key in life. Thank you so much Paige! What a treat to hear from you and to learn more about what makes Heilo so special. I hope you get the chance to try Heilo for yourself. It’s truly been a game changer for me!

XO, Jen



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