Best International Winter Destinations if You Hate the Cold
A select few of us thrive in winter, but for most of us we long to escape the winter gloom. Let’s face it. The days can be long, freezing and not to mention gray and gloomy, so nothing sounds better than hopping over to the warmest, most tropical destinations planet Earth has to offer. It’s a good thing that no matter the season, we’re just a plane ride away from the heat. Here are our top favorite international winter destinations if you hate the cold.

Costa Rica

A quick flight from the USA, Costa Rica boasts beautiful, warm days year-round. It’s often referred to as the best destination for ecotourism thanks to its biodiverse terrain, exotic animals, and its location between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Explore the mountainous town Monteverde to experience the biodiverse forests in the clouds. Hop over to Puerto Viejo for stunning beaches and chilled out beach town vibes on the Caribbean Coast. Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys and sloths!


Hop over to North Africa to explore a different world. Morocco is sensory overload with its exquisite architecture, chaotic streets, and aromas of spices, leather, and fresh mint tea. Cities like Marrakech can be overwhelming for some, but once you take a deep breath you’ll find the enchantment that this city offer its visitors. Haggle in its picturesque medinas, bathe in a hammam, and explore ancient palaces. Want to relax? Marrakech is a short journey from Essaouira, a calm beach town where the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens used to go for inspiration.


Bask in the warm, humid heat of Thailand while exploring ancient temples and an array of landscapes. Venture around Chiang Mai and trek in some of the world’s most beautiful rainforests, get lost in culture in Bangkok, or head south to Phuket for incredible beaches and scenery. Thailand is a rather affordable country meaning your dollar will go far and you can really make the most out of the long flight. The options are limitless in Thailand!


For a country packed full of history and charm, head over to the Middle East. Jordan offers a mix of culture, sea, and desert for the perfect combination for a warm winter destination. Take in the desert scenery of Wadi Rum, have your breath taken away at the ancient city of Petra, and bathe in the Dead Sea. It’s certainly a bucket list destination.


Off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is a small Dutch island home to white sandy beaches, a sparkling sea, and warm sunny days. It’s the perfect escape from the winter blues. You’ll be surrounded by happy and friendly locals, pink flamingos, tall palm trees, and exquisite natural beauty. If you’re looking for a relaxing warm winter vacation, Aruba will be calling your name.

New Zealand

Take advantage of the flipped seasons and enjoy stunning summer days surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand. With two main islands, the North Island is home to cities like Auckland and Wellington, with warm weather and constant festivals. The South Island is a wonderland for the outdoorsy with cities like Queenstown. It’s basically the outdoorsy capital offering adventurous activities like bungee jumping, hiking, paragliding, ziplining -- you name it. Also, check out Nelson for great beaches, more tropical weather, and a relaxed beach town mindset.


Another destination that will be enjoying its summer months, visit Argentina for culture, nature, and delicious cuisine. The country is home to deserts, mountains, jungles, seacoast, volcanoes, and even glaciers all compacted into one country. Needless to say, Argentina has something for every type of traveler. Wander the bustling European-esque streets of Buenos Aires, soaking up the nice weather, and enjoying some exquisite wine and food pairings. Let’s not forget one of the world’s most stunning waterfalls, Iguazú Falls. The falls are a jaw-dropping, unforgettable experience where nature has remained beautifully untouched.
Those are our favorite warm weather winter destinations abroad! Check out our USA version for more inspiration. Plus, don’t forget to pack a pair of sunnies and a versatile towel.

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