7 Ways to Embrace the Fall Spirit to the Fullest

The spooky season is here! Let the Halloween movie binge-watching and cozy spirit commence. Some of us are eager for this change of season, while others of us are still tightly hanging on to our swimsuits and sundresses. No matter your enthusiasm, here are 7 ways to embrace fall and get in the autumn spirit.


Shop for the new season!

If you’re stubborn about getting into the fall spirit, shopping can certainly help. Take yourself to your favorite store and pick up a couple of staple items for the fall season. We’re thinking oversized sweaters, wide brim hats, and even a new pair of sunglasses. (Hey, the seasons may be changing, but for a lot of us, the sun is here to stay.) Perfect pair of sunglasses for fall? These Solstice sunnies in brown!


Take a walk in the park.

Embrace the cooler breeze of fall with a walk in the park. Whether you take a stroll to your city’s park or head out into nature, the choice is yours. It’s a great way to get into the fall spirit!


Make homemade treats!

What screams fall more than some freshly baked goodies? Whip up some pumpkin or apple pie, or keep it simple with chocolate chip cookies. Here are some more ideas to get you started. Bring some friends around, light a few candles, and let hygge vibes take over.


Embrace your home-based hobbies.

Do you like to paint? Crochet? Read? Binge movies? We typically start spending a bit more time at home as the months grow colder, so it’s a great opportunity to break out your old materials or get new ones. Crochet a blanket, paint an autumnal forest, or simply read a good book under the covers. Fall is here!


Make glühwein!

Hello, Europe’s favorite beverage when the temperature drops! A lot of central and eastern European countries have their own word for this deliciously spiced beverage. In Germany, it’s glühwein or mulled red wine. Heat red wine over the stove with a bit of orange juice, cinnamon, star anise, and cloves. You can even add rum or brandy for an extra kick. Here’s a recipe to get you started.


Cozy up!

Nestle up under a blanket or our extra soft Turkish towels for a cozy night in. Prepare some treats like popcorn or desserts, a warm beverage, and a movie. There are a lot of movies that are set during fall from some Harry Potter movies to Hocus Pocus to even Sweet Home Alabama. Take your pick!


Head to the pumpkin patch.

Or even an apple orchard! These places are the epitome of fall for many of us, so embrace the fall spirit with a trip to the farm. Grab a pumpkin (or three) and bring them home to make pumpkin treats like pasta, pie, or cookies! Of course, pumpkins make for the ideal jack o’ lantern too. Enjoy!


We might be missing summer already, but fall is also such a beautiful season! Make the most of it. If you get bummed out when the sun is hiding, the best way to beat it is to stay active and enjoy the benefits of the colder seasons to their fullest!


Author :

Christa Adams is a writer, photographer, and sustainable traveler based in Barcelona. She's been traveling solo since 2014 has a passion for the outdoors, coffee culture, and exploring quaint European towns. Follow her adventures at www.thespiritedexplorer.com.



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