6 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier and More Peaceful
In times like these where we’re spending more time at home, it’s important to create a comfortable space as a matter of self-care. Living in confinement in face of uncertainty can be daunting, but with these tips you can make being stuck at home a lot more bearable. Here’s 6 ways to make your home cozy and peaceful.

Rearrange your furniture.

Some sprucing up can certainly help create coziness at home. Hop on Pinterest, watch HGTV, and get inspired with new ways to rearrange your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or wherever you’re spending the most time. If you can still order online, it might be worth it to incorporate some new items to complete the space. Could you use a new cabinet to better organize your items? Maybe a bookshelf to complete your book collection? A nice lounge chair for reading?

Add in the hygge factor.

Hygge, it’s the Danish concept of coziness. Heck, the book The Little Book of Hyggemight be a good read to pass the time and inspire some homey ideas. Basically, Danes love spending time at home. Whether they reside in small apartments or spacious cottages in the countryside, they admire quality items, comfortable spaces, and calmness when they’re at home. A few hygge essentials: candles, blankets, pastries, and a good book. The Turkish towels from Shaded Malibu are the perfectly snuggly blankets for spring. Candles are probably the most important for hygge, though. So, break out the tea lights and feel nice and calm in your home.

Take care of yourself.

Being stuck at home is a great excuse to practice some well-deserved self-care. Sometimes we’re too busy hopping from meeting to meeting and working 40+ hours a week that we don’t make enough time for ourselves. Well, now is the perfect time to do that. Do whatever makes you feel good. Draw a warm bubble bath and scatter some tea light candles around your bathroom, binge a new TV series, or practice yoga and meditation. Relax, unwind, and take care of yourself while you’re stuck at home.

Add some greenery.

We might not be able to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors right now, so we might as well bring it inside. Plus, studies have shown that house plants have the ability to boost our mood, increase productivity, and—of course—clean the air. If you can’t go out and buy any plants, there’s plenty of services online where you can purchase fresh, beautiful plants and they’ll deliver straight to your door.

Incorporate something beautiful.

Art can be a powerful tool for creating a peaceful space. So, purchase a painting, work of art, or get creative and make your own. Plus, painting would be a great way to relax at home and pass the time.

Create a separate workspace.

If your work is getting mixed into your “down time” space, it’s time to fix that. Dedicate a certain area of your home to work. Once you leave that spot, stop worrying about it and definitely try to not to do your work in other areas. It will allow you to be more productive and also keep your home and work life separate again. Looking for more things to do while stuck at home? Here’s 20 great things to do at home!

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