6 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year
Though Halloween 2020 is a bit unconventional this year, there’s no shortage of spookiness if you know how to celebrate creatively. Following the CDC and your state’s guidelines, here are 5 awesome way to celebrate Halloween this year.

Host a small & spooky Halloween movie night.

With Halloween happening on a Saturday, why not have a couple of friends or family members over for a Halloween-themed movie night. Dress up in simple and comfortable costumes, select a few movies, pop some popcorn and snacks (remember to prepare individual bowls and plates for each guest to help prevent any spreading), and get to binging some movies. We would recommend starting off with a lighter Halloween movie like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or Ghostbusters.Then, progress into something a bit scarier like the The Witchor Donnie Darko.

Dress up & celebrate at home.

Just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Put on your Halloween 2020 dream costume, put up decorations, prepare Halloween treats, and celebrate Halloween at home with your family or roommates. Don’t forget festive music! Apple Music and Spotify have Halloween playlists just waiting for you to enjoy.

Host a virtual Halloween party.

Put on your costume and call up your friends or family for a Zoom call celebration. Play virtual games, sip homemade cocktails, and enjoy a social distancing Halloween this year. You can get creative and carve pumpkins together, have a Halloween costume contest, or watch a screen-share and watch a movie. There’s plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween virtually this year.

Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard.

Practice social distancing with a trip to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. These staple fall activities make for a great way to celebrate Halloween outside with some fresh air. Bonus points if you bring apples home and prepare delicious candy apples – yum!

Carve or paint pumpkins.

It’s hardly Halloween if you haven’t painted or carved a pumpkin. Head to a farmer’s market or pumpkin patch and scoop up some pumpkins and decorate them to your liking. Check out Pinterest for pumpkin carving ideas. Plus, roast pumpkin seeds for added Halloween fun!

Go “Ghosting.”

Not the dating kind of ghosting, but the ding-dong-ditch kind. Decorate paper bags and fill them with Halloween goodies and drop them off at the houses of your neighbors, family, or friends! It’s an awesome way to celebrate Halloween this year, and a friendly reminder that you’re thinking of them. Looking for more? Here’s our guide to making your home cozy this fall season!

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