5 of the Best Beach Towns Around the World
As spring makes its way into season, we’re one step closer to beach days and soaking up that warm and glorious sun. For all of our fellow beach and travel lovers, we’re sharing 5 of our favorite beach towns around the world.

Cinque Terre, Italy

One of the most beautiful coastlines in Italy, Cinque Terre is a set of 5 beach towns which all are full of color, life, and nestled on the hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Riomaggiore and Manarola are probably the most popular among the five, both offering superb seafood and Italian cuisine, gorgeous beaches, and picturesque views. A great way to see all 5 towns is to take an 11km hike throughCinque Terre. You’ll see all the towns in a single day hike. However, part of the reason for hiking this trail is to experience the seaside towns and soak up the rich experience. Make it a longer trip by hiking in the morning and spending the days indulging in tiramisu and Italian wine as you take in the picturesque village backdrops. Plus, going for a dip in the Mediterranean Sea is a must. Cinque Terre, Italy

Tossa de Mar, Spain

About an hour and a half train journey from Barcelona, you’ll find Tossa de Mar nestled in Spain’s spectacular Costa Brava. This small town is right on a gorgeous beach and the town itself is a treat to wander. Explore its cobble-stoned streets, surrounding beaches, and venture up to its castle for nice views and get a glimpse of cacti hanging off the coastline, too. Tossa de Mar is a great spot for kayaking, following along trails to discover grottos and secluded beaches, and simply soaking up the beauty of Costa Brava. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is full of fantastic beach towns and Puerto Viejo is no exception. Located on the Caribbean Coast, not too far from the Panama border, Puerto Viejo is a nice,chilled-out beach town. It combines both Latin and Caribbean vibes into one small town. This Costa Rican town is a great place to cycle around, visiting its amazing beaches, wandering the jungles in search of monkeys and sloths, and there’s even some amazing chocolate tours, great coffee, boutique shops, and so much more. As for beaches, check out Playa Cocles, which is where all the locals hang out every day playing volleyball, surfing, enjoying picnics, and balancing on the slackline. For more peaceful beaches, head to Playa Chiquita and Playa Negra. Check out this article for a guide to the best beaches around Puerto Viejo. Krabi, Thailand

Krabi, Thailand

Head to southern Thailand and experience the beauty of Krabi. It’s one of the best beach towns in the world for its impressive limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, and white sandy beaches. Rent a boat or go kayaking to get a close look at the cliffs and see Krabi from a different perspective. Plus, if you get tired of the beach, head into one of the national parks and intertwine yourself in one of Thailand’s jungles. Krabi is also affordable, full of friendly locals, and fun place to be that is great for all ages. Malibu, California

Malibu, California

We might be bias, but Malibu is a pretty spectacular beach town. With calm beaches that were practically made for long walks upon combined with excellent coastal hikes and cliffs, it’s no wonder why Malibu is such an awesome beach town. Of course, Malibu is also known for surfing, sensational seafood (like at Malibu Seafood), and it’s a short journey from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. It’s a great beach spot to be if you’re looking for a peaceful oasis. Looking for more reasons to visit? Check out our guide to Malibu’s best parks.

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