17 Awesome Things for Couples to Do at Home
If you’re stuck inside, don’t worry – the fun doesn’t have to come to a halt. There’s plenty of fun things for couples to do from the comfort of your homes. Make the most of your time together with this list of things for couples to do at home.

Work on a project around the house together.

Would you like to repaint a room? Maybe create some new artwork a certainspace? Head to Pinterest or get inspired with HGTV and recreate a space in your home that you both will love.

Have a board game night.

Dust off the board games buried in your closet and have a fun game night together. Whether it’s Monopoly, Life, or Yahtzee, enjoy a night in each other’s company without the distraction of technology.

Have a destination-themed dinner night.

Longing to be in Paris or Italy? Practice your foreign language skills, prepare some delicious cuisine from your chosen country, and curb your wanderlust when you can’t travel. There’s plenty of variations to suit your style: pasta and wine, a Bavarian night with beer, sausage, and pretzels, or take a trip to Asia with pad Thai. Make it your own!

Make a fort and tell each other stories.

Remember when you used to make forts as children? Why not try it out again! Turn your living room into a cozy fort and read each other stories or make up your own. It’s such a fun thing to do at home and a great way to connect. 17 Awesome Things for Couples to Do at Home

Zen out together with yoga.

Yoga studios like 5 Point Yoga in Malibu are offering amazing online sessions. It’s an excellent way to practice various yoga styles with your partner from Vinyasa Flow to Yin Yoga and a great way to bring a little piece of Malibu to your home!

Listen to a podcast together.

There’s so many amazing podcasts these days. Use one of your common interest: travel, storytelling, politics, etc. and find a podcast to match it. You can listen while you lounge together or while winding down before bed.

Indulge in a spa night.

No need to splurge on a spa trip. Bring the spa to your home!Make homemade face masks, pop some cucumbers on your eyes, and relax. Spice it up with massages and a steamy bubble bath.

Get into shape together.

Hold each other accountable for your health by working out together. It’s an excellent way to bond as a couple and there have been numerous studies of the positive effects of exercising together.

Take an online class with your partner.

Another great thing to do at home as a couple is to take an online class together. Art studios are hosting online classes, YouTube is full of free learning (like these awesome cooking classes from Lauren Lobley), or you can purchase a course bundle from the New York Post to learn or improve various skills. See Lauren Lobley’s website for more tasty recipes and videos. 17 Awesome Things for Couples to Do at Home

Have a wine and cheese tasting.

Maybe you’ve been learning about wine and cheese pairings, so put those skills to the test. Run to the grocery store, grab a few bottles of wine and pair them with the appropriate cheeses. It’s an easy and fun date night to have at home with your partner.

Have your favorite foods delivered to you.

Markets and restaurants around the world are happy to deliver or allow curb sidepick-up of your groceries and favorite dishes. Take advantage of this opportunity to support local businesses with your partner. Organic stores like Erewhon Market are delivering and offering curb side pick-up for groceries as well as meals from their delicious cafe in the Los Angeles area.

Have a double date over Zoom with other couples.

Such a fun way to have a date night while at home is to have a Zoom session with another couple. You can play Cards Against Humanity easily online and you’ll be in stitches all night. Just set up Zoom on your laptop and use your phones to play the game. Here’s where to play Cards Against Humanity online.

Get dressed up and have a fancy dinner.

Who says you have to be leaving the house to get dressed up? Put on something nice, slap on some lipstick, and have an intimate candlelit dinner with your significant other.

Learn a foreign language together.

Is there a language you’ve both been wanting to learn? Why not learn it together. You can use Duolingo to study a foreign language. They have dozens of languages from French to Scottish Gaelic, and it’s definitely a fun, relaxed way to learn.

Plan a future getaway.

You’ve been talking about planning a trip for ages, so now is a great time to take advantage of the planning process. Pick a destination, research it, order travel books, and begin planning an exciting getaway with your partner.

Write each other a love letter.

If you’re looking for a deeper way to connect with your partner, why not write love letters to each other? It’s a beautiful thing that we often don’t do enough thanks to social media. Plus, sometimes our words come out better through writing, making it a new way to express your love for your significant other.

Make popcorn and watch a movie.

Finally, keep it classic with a popcorn and movie night. Watch a scary movie or step out of your comfort zone with something unfamiliar. Have fun with it! If you’re looking for more things for couples to do, check out these awesome date night ideas.

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