10 Travel Must Haves This Summer
With summer in full force, many of us are heading off to the airport or packing up the car for an exciting road trip as we venture to new or familiar destinations. Whether you’re traveling to beat the heat or embrace it, some essential items are needed to keep you cooled down and stylish through the long, sunny days ahead.

A Fashionable Sun Hat

Not many things complete a summer look like a fashionable sun hat does. Go for a neutral-colored brim hat that offers strong UV protection to help prevent sunburns. A foldable hat or one that you can pack items into to help limit space are best for travel. If not, just wear it to the airport instead! Handmade in Mexico, this straw hat from Rio Blanco offers stylish sun protection all summer long.

A Pair of Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses help to reduce glare from the sun, sharpen objects, and protect your eyes all at once. They are perfect for those who spend a lot of time by the water as polarized lenses will block the sun’s reflection off the water. Check out these Solstice sunglasses for a stylish pair.

Multipurpose Turkish Towel

The beautifully designed El Matador Turkish towel is a fantastic summer travel item as it can work as a beach towel, picnic blanket, cozy throw, or even as a wrap on a chilly flight.

Kind, Reef Safe Sunscreen

Did you know harsh chemical sunscreens harm marine life and kill coral reefs? Opt for a kinder, reef safe sunscreen like Colorscience instead. Protect your lovely skin and the planet at the same time.

A Functional Canvas Tote Bag

A canvas tote bag is a summer travel must have as it offers many uses. It can carry your beach items, be used for groceries, or used as a handbag for daily wanders. The Colony Bag is lightweight, washable with a mesh bottom – perfect for travel!

Reusable Water Bottle

Summer can be hot and steamy, so drinking lots of water is important. Pass on plastic and go for a reusable water bottle instead of using single-use plastic bottles that are just going to bake in the sun anyways.

A Mesh Cover Up

Fast trying, lightweight and stylish, a mesh cover up like this one from Glory Swim Co. is the perfect companion to your summer swimsuit.

Durable Summer Sandals

Needless to say, when summer hits we’re probably walking a lot more than usual. Exploring new places puts a lot of pressure on our feet, so skip packing your cheap sandals. Choose a pair of strong, durable sandals instead. Sandals from Clarks or Teva are great options.

Portable Power Banks

These will come in handy during long haul flights, spending the day exploring a new city, or out on a hike. Portable chargers and power banks will keep your phone and other electronics charged and ready to go so you don’t have to worry.

Your Trusty Camera

No summer vacation is complete without some gorgeous photos of your trip! Whether you prefer film, instant print, or digital photographs, bring your camera along to help document your adventures.
These summer travel must haves are sure to help you have the most memorable vacation, so you can sit back and enjoy the summer! Happy travels!

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Christa Adams is a writer, photographer, and sustainable traveler based in Barcelona. She's been traveling solo since 2014 has a passion for the outdoors, coffee culture, and exploring quaint European towns. Follow her adventures at www.thespiritedexplorer.com.



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