10 Things to Do After Quarantine Ends
Patiently waiting on this pandemic to end? Us too! We all may be stuck at home for the time being, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop making plans for the future. To keep you inspired, here’s 10 things to do after quarantine ends.

Visit your hairdresser.

Boost your look and take your newfound freedom by storm with a fresh haircut. It’ll feel good and it will help you get back into the groove of things. (That is if you’re anything like me and haven’t styled your hair in weeks.)

Hug your friends and family.

It’s going to be awesome seeing family and friends reuniting with one another after quarantine. Hugs for everyone! With no more social distancing, grab your friends and family and pull them in for a big hug. Remember, some may have been quarantined by themselves and could use a nice long hug.

Go shopping!

Especially locally. Smaller businesses are especially going to be having a hard time getting things back to normal, so go out and support your local businesses as much as you can.

Go out for a tasty brunch.

Call up your closest friends and reunite over brunch. Mimosas are necessary to relieve those quarantine blues!

Enjoy a hike somewhere beautiful.

Deprived from nature, many of us are probably anxious to get back out exploring. Treat yourself to a hike and enjoy the warm weather that will be greeting us post-quarantine. Based near Malibu? Check out our favorite hikes!

Take a trip somewhere you’ve been longing to go.

Carpe diem! Take advantage of being out of quarantine by booking a trip. Think of somewhere you’ve been longing to go and book it! Plus, there’s probably going to be great travel deals once the pandemic ends.

Take a friend on a coffee date.

Now that we can finally enjoy our precious specialty coffee again, take a friend (or yourself) on a coffee date! Order your absolute favorite drink.

Be extra friendly.

We’ve all been going through harder times recently and there’s nothing like a smile to help cheer someone up. Be friendly, show kindness, and remember that we’ve all been in this together.

Go for a wander somewhere.

Stretch your legs and take in the scenery. You might find yourself noticing things you never did before. The time away might have given you a new perspective, so whether it’s a walk around your city or a stroll along the beach, enjoy it.

Catch a movie.

Visit your local cinema, buy some buttery popcorn, and sit back and watch a movie on the big screen. Treat yourself!

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Christa Adams is a writer, photographer, and sustainable traveler based in Barcelona. She's been traveling solo since 2014 has a passion for the outdoors, coffee culture, and exploring quaint European towns. Follow her adventures at www.thespiritedexplorer.com



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